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Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean


Urban growth strategies related to the physical structure of cities are a key element of community restoration by enhancing urban assets that advance energy efficiency and enhance environmental quality. In general, the process of urbanization produces radical changes in the nature of the surface and atmospheric properties of a region as it involves the alteration of the thermal, moisture and aerodynamic characteristics and thereby dislocates the natural solar and hydrological balances. Major cau


The MARIE Project, a strategic project: latest news (SM)

The first draft of the MEDBEES is available to receive your contributions on the Associated Partner Platform (APP)


The MARIE Project, an operational project: Zoom on the pilot actions

→ Rénover + at the Ministry of Housing - On 12 September 2013, the Club de l’Amélioration de l’Habitat (CAH) organised a national conference at the Ministry of Housing (MEDDTL) on the subject of 'How can we promote greater eco-renovation of housing stock?'
→ The ADEME and the Area Provence-Alpres-Cotes-d'Azure launched the first Call to demonstration of interest for the creation and the reinforcement of the devices.
→ The PA awareness campaign (PACC) in Catalonia is being developed in a blo


The MARIE Project ensure the long terme evolution of the MEDBEES

→ The Spain, Approved The catalan strategy for energy renovation of buildings:
1 - The Catalan Government introduces the document to launch the Action Plan for energy renovation of buildings in Catalonia, starting in 2014.
2 - More than fifty four public-private Catalan entities have participated in its elaboration.
3 - The target is rising energy efficiency in buildings to achieve the settled UE’s objectives.
→ 25 February 2014, the Region of Catalonia adopted the Déclaration of Ljubljana


The MARIE Project, toward economic sector:

→ The MARIE project goes a step further and comes to a national level (National sustainable development conference in Marseille from France) - Marseille - november 2014
→ Effinergie organisation held effinergie meetings on building energetic renovation theme, with the help of the european project MARIE - Paris - February 2014


Upcoming event

→ Upcoming event : Steering Commitee in Malta, 25,26,27 march 2014


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