Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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The MARIE vision is to allow the countries of the Mediterranean basin to develop a common policy in relation to energy renovation of buildings by creating a socioeconomic context and more appropriate technical and financial leverage capacity.

The MARIE project aims to become a permanent set of tools for the countries of the Mediterranean.

Based on an assessment of demand and supply the project aims to identify and supply the points of leverage is such a way which stimulates the market for energy efficiency technologies in connection with buildings, taking into account the climatic, socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of the Mediterranean. 

How does the project expect to achieve this? 

  • By developing a shared regional strategy between the countries of the MED zone, including all relevant parties: public administrations, businesses, users. 
  • Stimulating demand by raising awareness among ‘users’ regarding energy efficiency and the implementation of financial incentives. 
  • By assisting smaller enterprises wishing to position themselves on this ‘new market’ by means of appropriate support and associated services. 
  • By testing innovative initiatives in the course of pilot projects and by capitalising on results obtained. 
  • By assuring national and European level lobbying to find points of regulatory convergence.

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