Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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MARIE Brochure


Regional Benchmark analysis

MARIE Product Box

Intervention factory

1.1 - Information on buildings energy consumption

SM 1.1

1.2 - Protocol for energy renovation of buildings

Protocol of renovation developped by Région PACA, 1.2.3 Réno

Marketing and Training Program

2.1 - Activate ERB deman through communication and publicity plans

2.2 ERB supply activation and professionnals skills development

Innovation Lab

3.1 - Renewable resources quota

3.2 - Innovation in energy related products and equipment

SM 3.2

SME's support guide

Preliminary SUM definitivo

PA 3.2 Task 1

3.3 - Local services platforms for energy renovation of buildings

SM 3.3

Annexes in French :

Cooperation Hub

2.3 - Business coopération

SM 2.3

Annexe 1 : Cartographie des acteurs

Annexe 2 : Analyse de l'offre et de la demande en PACA

Annexe 3 : Presentation à Barcelone lors du final event

Pilot action Communication Medium

Renover + : press release, roll up, institutional newsletter, professionnal newsletter, video CFA Rene Villeneuve, video of Rénover +


Malta conference minutes

Energaia in France

ANDD National sustainable development conference in Marseille from France