Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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What about capitalization ?

In order to ensure optimal exploitation of the opportunities presented by MED programme support, and considering the MED Programme Committee recommendations, the MARIE and ELIH-Med (for Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Housing) strategic projects have joined forces in order to drive a common message towards politicians and decision makers. Since the beginning of each project, MARIE and ELIH-Med have been working together on capitalization of outputs and end results.

In general terms, capitalization is the strategy and process that will ensure that the concrete outputs of the projects’ activities will produce a long term, deep and signifi cant impact on public policies at the local, regional, national and european level. Specifically, the capitalization process aims to create a cumulative effect, not only through the aggregation of project results but also at a program level through the convergence of indicators, strategic objectives and proposals. In this way, the process will ultimately strengthen institutional cooperation and sectorial innovation in the MED zone within the mainstream framework of European Building Energy Efficiency policies.

It is, therefore, in ELIH-Med and MARIE’s best interest to share and convey a common vision of the barriers to be overcome and investment targets as well as a coherent convergent range of solutions to achieve EU2020 objectives. This policy related solutions will be included in a policy paper on MED building energy efficiency improvement that both projects are elaborating together. The paper will present consensus based recommendations to the Managing Authority of the MED programme, aiming to contribute to the preparation of the next cooperation programming period (2014-2020) in its aspects related to energy efficiency in buildings

What will happen after MARIE ?

MARIE will conclude with the completion of the MEDBEES in December 2014. However, the most important objective of the project is to reach real effects beyond the end of the project. For this reason, two essential tools to guarantee an important and significant impact after the end of the project have been in development right from the start of the project.

The MARIE Business Network (MBN) was constituted in May 2012 in Turin both to ensure private companies involvement through clusters and agreement around the MEDBEES and also with the objective of facilitating the building energy renovation market development after MARIE.

The MARIE Associated Partners Platform (APP) was created in March 2012 in order to facilitate the communication and consensus between public and private organizations related to energy efficiency of buildings. The benefits of APP for associated partners will be :

  • exposure of their pro le and activities on a Mediterranean wide platform
  • the ability to search and receive information on projects related to EE in MED countries
  • exchange of experiences & information related to Energy Efficiency of Buildings (EEB)
  • participation in a platform to discuss and contribute to the MEDBEES development

The APP has been constructed to be a permanent platform (beyond the end of the project MARIE) to facilitate the implementation of MEDBEES between 2014 and 2020.

here : policy paper and Ljubljana Declaration