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Success stories (MIIP)



Every day, the MARIE project is seven pilot projects that allow to experiment and prove to the public (professional and private) that our choices related to energy renovation of buildings are feasible solutions. Our "success stories and best practices" is made to show you an example to follow.


The last driver produced by MARIE experimentation process (not finished yet) is a first group of Maximum Interest and Impact Projects. This driver shows main elements to be moved to achieve effectivity, replicability and transferability projects at short term with maximum interest and impact.

Selected demonstrative MIIPs are in different stages of execution, but they represent feasible and short-term alternatives to renovate energy performance in buildings. In this sense, MIIP’s are classified in investment lines, depending on the promoter, the typology of buildings, the financial mechanism used and the type of interventions included.     

However, and to simplify its comprehension, MIIP’s can be found in two main groups: Low & Very Low Cost projects, and High Investment projects. The first ones can be prepared and executed in the short term, reducing economic costs and energy expenses without relevant investments, simply improving the organisations’ (public and private) governance. The second type is a long-term project group, requiring high investments, and the type of mechanism to finance the MIIP could be the most interesting aspect for its future replication.