Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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University of Évora

Location : Evora - Portugal
Coordonnées : University of Évora - School of Sciences and Technology Campus da Mitra Apartado 94 7002-554 Évora - Portugal
Site Web :

Who are you?

The University of Évora is a public institution of higher education and advanced research which has strong relationships with business and industry partners. It has around 5100 students enrolled in graduate courses, 2200 in Master’s courses and 900 in PhD courses. Moreover, it has a teaching staff of 640, of whom more than 83% hold a PhD degree.

The main mission of the University of Évora is to create, transmit and disseminate culture, science and technology through articulation of the study, education and research. The University of Évora contributes to the cultural, scientific and technical exchange with national and international institutions, promoting the international cooperation.

Why join the MARIE project?

University of Évora is engaged with teaching and research matters such as: energy efficiency in buildings, building refurbishment, sustainable buildings. Furthermore, European Union has ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020, known as the "20-20-20" targets. Only threw international cooperation between public and private entities, sharing knowledge and experiences, it will be possible meet that targets. The main objective of MARIE project is precisely contribute to build a new strategy aroud the Mediterranean for energy efficiency improvement. University of Évora can and wants to contibute for such purpose. This collaboration will bring to our region a well-defined strategy to improve the energy performance of buildings, according to targets imposed by the European Union.

What is its role in the MARIE project?

The University of Évora is involved in MARIE project as a member of the Scientific Group and has also important tasks in several fields. We are collaborating in the definition of the strategic plan for Research & Development (R+D) initiatives, being responsible for two research lines - Structure Materials and Multi-objectives Envelope. We are also participating in the Pilot Activity for Renewable Materials, presenting a scientific and technical assessment with the advantages of using Insulation Cork Boards (ICB) as a 100% renewable construction material to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Furthermore, the University of Évora collaborates in various activities in the following work packages:
- Awareness and information plans;
- Professional training program;
- Measures and tools to support innovative techniques, materials and processes;
- Local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) support measures program.

Contact :

José Júlio Correia-da-Silva - Assistant Professor

Phone : +351 266 740 800

Mail :