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Umbria Region



Umbria Region

Location : Perugia - Italy
Address : Palazzo Donini Corso Vannucci 06121 - Perugia - Italie
Website :

Who are you?

Umbria is one of the smallest Italian regions with an area of 8,456 square kilometres and 907 thousand of inhabitants. Umbria Region is a public administration with a function of programming and regulation at regional level. The Regional Administration is focusing its attention on energy efficiency policies and on the diffusion of renewable energy plants. It is defining a new energetic strategy and also a regional law to regulate the energy saving on public and private building.

Why join the MARIE project?

In the last years Umbria Region has increased the awareness of the importance to address the building energy consumptions. Within the UE program POR- FESR 2007-2013 the 15% of the regional funds has been entirely dedicated to reduce the energy consumption of enterprises and public buildings and to incentivise the use of renewable energy. Umbria Region considers the participation in European projects and networks a real opportunity to growth in competencies in this field and also to share with the other European regions advanced ideas, policies, research's results.

What is its role in the MARIE project?

Umbria Region, through the Energy department, is partner of MARIE project and is involved in the work package WP2. It is about communication, awareness raising and training programs. The role of Umbria Region has been to improve the communication creating an Italian website (, organizing workshops and collecting best practices but also to fill existing gaps in the training fields delivering 12 different training sessions..

Your contact :

Andrea Monsignori - Directeur du Département Energie
Phone : +39 075 50402607