Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

Agence de développement régional de la Macédoine occidentale (ANKO) SARegional Development Agency of Western Macedonia (ANKO) SA
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Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia (ANKO) SA



Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia (ANKO) SA

Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia (ANKO) SA
Location: Kozani - Greece
Address: 1-3, Fon Karagianni str., 50100, Kozani, Greece

Who are you?

Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia (ANKO) SA was established in 1985 having as stakeholders prefectures, unions of local authorities and chambers of the Region. ANKO is a public equivalent body with a staff of more than 60 persons of different specialties, having three departments. The Technical Department is occupied with several types of studies (energy, environmental, building, restoration, hydraulics, irrigation, sewage, master plans etc.), while the Programmes’ Department is in charge for the implementation (project management) and monitoring of local, regional and European funding projects. The Department of Management and Economics is supporting aspects of finance, management and human resources of the agency. Regarding recent Energy Projects, except MARIE, ANKO has participated in the implementation of EmPower - Empowerment of SME to Network for Intelligent Energy Solutions and New Markets (CIP-IEE 2009), and has also implemented large scale energy projects of District Heating Systems in Western Macedonia Region cities (Kozani, Ptolemais, Amyntaion, Florina).

Why join the MARIE project?

Energy efficiency and climate change issues are basic priorities of the regions' development policies for the next programming period 2014 - 2020. Especially the energy efficiency in buildings consists a basic part of these priorities and strongly affects many economic sectors at regional level, such as: constructors, providers of raw materials, consultants, users, etc. The MEDBEE Strategy being developed through the participation of ANKO to the MARIE project, will help the decision makers and regional stakeholders of Western Macedonia region in their efforts to adopt methods, procedures and new technologies aiming to the reduction of energy cost in buildings.
Another important reason for joining the MARIE project has been one of its general objectives: ‘To Facilitate and Promote Investments in Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the MED Area’. The MARIE project is expected to define and implement financial mechanisms at EU-MED level to promote the Energy Renovation of Buildings (ERB) and impulse convergence with national, regional and local levels to concentrate funds for a better efficiency and raise private and public investments in ERB.

What is its role in the MARIE project?

ANKO is Partner No9 of the MARIE project, acting –among other things- as the Coordinator of Work Package 4: ‘Setting up of integrated strategies for the development of renewable energies including the pilot actions’. ANKO is also the Responsible Partner for the development of Strategic Measure 5.2: ‘Implementation of Financial Mechanisms for Mobilization of Resources’ of the MEDBEE Strategy. In the framework of WP4, ANKO is the Coordinator and participates to the implementation of Pilot Action 2.1: "Mechanisms of Third Party Financing - TPF". Regarding ANKO’s involvement in PA2.1, two public buildings in the Region of Western Macedonia were selected and a tender procedure for the selection of an energy service company (ESCO) is taking place for the first time in Greece. As a result, an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) will be signed for the first time in Greece. Last but not least, ANKO is actively involved in dissemination activities & public awareness campaigns related to energy efficiency in buildings, at regional, national and European level.

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