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Municipalité de BarMunicipality of Bar
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Municipality of Bar



Municipality of Bar

Location : Bar - Montenegro
Coordonnées : Bulevar Revolucije 1 85 000 - Bar - Montenegro
Site web :

Who are you?

We are a public administration in charge of local governance.

Why join the MARIE project?

The objective of the Municipality of Bar is to contribute to planning of the necessary changes in the use of energy through the preparation of the required documents and the furtherance of cooperation with other Mediterranean partners. Montenegro, as a candidate country, is striving to harmonize its legislation with EU directives.
At the municipal level it means that an energy management system has to be established in every municipality which will enable the control of energy consumption in public buildings and recommend a set of measures for energy savings.
In order to fulfil the commitments prescribed by the law, the Municipality of Bar has to prepare a three-year Energy Efficiency Improvement Program and annual Energy Efficiency Plans. Since the Municipality of Bar was the first to start this procedure, they will serve as a good practice for other Montenegrin municipalities, especially in the coastal region. In addition, these documents will enable the Municipality to manage better the energy consumption in public buildings and will serve as an example in terms of energy efficiency to all inhabitants.
A reference book with complete EU regulations and strategies related to energy efficiency will be prepared, as well as a database of the national regulations, strategies and plans.
Since there is no good quality database containing the energy performance of buildings, the first goal is to determine the current situation of existing buildings. Identification and creation of the first database of already built public sector facilities which needs certification in terms of energy efficiency is one more action that will create a good base for the preparation of any future local energy plans.

What is its role in the MARIE project?

Through the implementation of MARIE, the Municipality of Bar will design an urban planning model containing a set of measures and recommendations for improvement of energy efficiency at local level. These recommendations will be useful to urban planners and other professionals, as well as to local inhabitants by enabling sustainable development and therefore better environmental protection. The Municipality of Bar was Coordinator of Pilot Activity 1.2 (Design and Implementation of Urban Plans for Energy Efficiency Improvement in existing buildings) with close collaboration with LIMA in order to produce an Protocol for Energy Renovation of buildings.

Your contact :

Sladjana Lazarevic - Conseiller pour la planification urbaine et du logement
Phone : +382 67 661 386
Mail :