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Local Government Association

Location : Marsa - Malta
Adress :  Local Government Association - Local Government Building - Local Government Road, Marsa Industrial Estate - Marsa, Malta
Website :

Who are you?

The Local Councils’ Association (LCA) is the single public authority that represents all 5 regions and 68 Local Councils in Malta and Gozo. The LCA is established in 1994 through the issue of specific Regulations entitled: Local Councils (Association) Regulations, 1994. The aims of the Association shall also include those of protecting and promoting the common interests of the Local Councils.

The LCA enjoys a high level of competence and it is involved in the national policy development process by regular meetings with the director of Local Government and the Ministry and other relevant stakeholders.

The LCA takes part in the Committee of the Regions and it is the only supporting structure for Covenant of Mayors in Malta.

Since 2007, the LCA has established an EU projects department and has successfully participated in various EU funded projects under the following programmes: INTERREG, IEE, ICT PSP, MED, ENPI, LIFE, Yourope for Citizens, ITALIA- MALTA and others.

Why join the MARIE project?

The LGA believes that Energy Efficiency is one of the major sectors where Malta and its 68 localities should improve its status and should work harder in order to reach the targets and objectives. Energy Efficiency in buildings is therefore one of the most important sectors which would have higher impact over the society.
LGA is very active in promotion of energy efficiency and is the only supporting structure in Malta for the Covenant of Mayors.

What is its role in the MARIE project?

The LGA takes part in most of the work packages of the MARIE project. In the WP 3 the main tasks include meetings with stakeholders and creation of cluster, while in WP 4 participates in the pilot PA 1.1: Updating Regional Regulations for BEE In the MED Space
The LGA will be also organizing an awareness campaign in order to promote energy efficiency and renovation in buildings.

Your contact :

Lili Vasileva - EU Project Coordinator
Phone : +35625968000
Mail :