Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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Location: Spain  
Address: Jardins de les Dones de Negre 1, 2ª pl. (Cantonada carrer Llull amb carrer Sant Ramón de Penyafort) - 08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs - Barcelona - Spain

Who are you?

IREC is the leading research centre in energy in Catalonia. Created in 2008, it specializes in researching and developing technology in connection with energy savings and efficiency, and with renewable energies. More specifically, it has lines of work in technologies related to micro-grids, electric vehicles, energy storage, efficiency in buildings, bioenergy and biofuels, materials for energy, and offshore wind energy. The Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group is who participate in the development of this project. The group has two main lines of work:
•Thermal energy: Efficient integration of advanced and renewable energy technologies to produce heating, cooling and electricity. Simulation and optimization of thermal energy generation systems for buildings of the tertiary and residential sector, and for industrial processes, focusing integrated District and Smart Grid solutions.
•Building: minimization of the energy demand of buildings through design, efficient use and integration of renewable energies. Design, study, simulation and optimization of buildings and/or neighborhoods with zero energy balance or clean energy producers.

Why join the MARIE project?

The general mission of IREC is to contribute to the sustainable development of society and increase corporate competitiveness via:
•Innovation and development of new technological products;
•Medium and long-term research; and
•Development of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of energy.
Focusing on the field of thermal energy and energy efficiency in buildings, the MARIE project gives the opportunity to IREC to help to stimulate the market for energy efficiency technologies in connection with buildings, taking into account the climatic, socioeconomic and cultural characteristics of the Mediterranean. In this sense, the MARIE project is a tool that could help to establish a socioeconomic context, technological knowledge and financial capacity more appropriate to improve and increase the energy efficiency in MED buildings.

What is your role in the project?

IREC is the coordinator of the Scientific Group of the MARIE project. The Strategic Measure 3.4: R+I Initiatives is developed in the framework of the Scientific Group. The main objective of the Strategic measure 3.4 is to define a Roadmap to increase the Energy Efficiency for Building in Med area.
IREC is working in the Pilot Activity 2.2: Public Private Partnership (PPP) Mechanisms, coordinated by Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat and the Housing Agency of Catalonia. The main objective of this pilot activity is to define and test a methodology to develop a Regional Investment Plan to impulse building’s energy renovation. This Plan will integrate different measures to solve economical and financial barriers but taking into account other technical, information, communication and social barriers.
In the first stage of the project, IREC with the collaboration of the other partners developed a study to evaluate the impact of the measure of the first draft of the Mediterranean Building Energy Efficiency Strategy (MEDBEES). This study, called Potential Impact Evaluation (PIE), is available in the MARIE website: