Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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GOLEA Nova Gorica

Location: Slovenia
Address: Goriška lokalna energetska agencija Nova Gorica - Trg Edvarda Kardelja 1 - 5000 Nova Gorica - Slovenia

Who are you?

The competence of GOLEA in relation with energy efficiency in buildings is significative as it was funded in order to give support to the transition to more sustainable energy systems. It offers information, advice and training on energy management issues, support for the implementation of local/regional energy plans. It also acts as an energy manager for several Primorska municipalities. Within this role the annual action plans and annual reports on the use of renewable energy sources and efficient energy consumption are prepared. GOLEA performed several energy reviews and thermal imaging reviews on public buildings, applications for obtaining non refoundable funds for energy refurbishment of public buildings, feasibility studies for public lighting improvement and district heating investment, etc. An important part of the efforts are dedicated to awareness raising and dissemination activities within the elementary and secondary schools, public tribunes, conferences and workshops.

Why join the MARIE project?

Our main objective for participation within MARIE project was to implement a succesfull model for energy consumption reduction that will be easily replicated in public buildings accross Slovenia and Medditerranean area. The fact is that in Slovenia the average energy consumption of public buildings owned by municipalities is very high between 150 and 200 kWh/m2, in some cases even higher. Nonetheless an energy refurbishment is also an important European objective - that the public buildings should become a model example in energy efficiency and green building.

What is your role in the project?

GOLEA is actively participating at Pilot Activity 2.1 which main objective is to test and evaluate innovative financial mechanisms for energy conservation investments in buildings of the Mediterranean territory. Within this activity it has implemented (on three selected pilot buildings): energy audits, cost/benefit analysis of possible investment solutions, Introduction of Energy accounting system (Enais) and Monitoring and targeting technique (MTT), applied display tables for presentation of energy consumption of the selected buildings for awareness raising and prepared a general contract model for third party financing for the implementation of energy refurbishment of public buildings. Several awareness and training activities were carried out.