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Renewables Quota Model.

This model, developed by the CTFC, gives regional and local governments a calculation procedure to regulate the mandatory quota of renewable energy in Energy Renovation in Buildings projects. The implementation of such quota is an important step to achieve Nearly Zero Energy in buildings’ objectives (as per EU Directive 2010), but, at the same time, becomes an opportunity to finance passive measures implementation.

Factsheet : Renewables Quota Model


Renewables Best Practices Handbook.

Developed by CTFC, the handbook is a first compilation of best practices, integrating renewable energy sources (biomass, solar thermal and PV) in existing buildings. The handbook is an open document where to incorporate the best practices implemented in all MED countries.

Factsheet : Renewables BP


SME’s Support Guide.

An Innovative Product Test Guide. Developed by AREA Trieste and Regione Piamonte. It offers a guide to test, under real conditions, the isolation and thermal-electrical properties of new construction materials and equipment, in order to add their effects to the simulations developed, and to the ERB product catalogue. The guide is based in the use of innovative techniques, such as the dynamic simulation of buildings performance with an optimised software, so to estimate the economic returns and the energy savings after an ERB execution. This guide also tests actual products to match the performances obtained with the expected results. This guide will facilitate to other MED regions the products and services catalogue.

Factsheet : SME's Support Guide


Research Programme.

The R+D programme is a guideline for research bodies, industry and policy makers for the period 2015-2020, with the objective to increase and improve the research of the priority topics related with the energy efficiency in buildings. A wide range of strategic actions related with the needs of the MED regions and the three main topics Design & Building materials, User, and Services & Management.

Factsheet : Research Program


Interaction Local Platforms

Developped by Region PACA and CRMA PACA, the objective of the platform is to support local Mediterranean SMEs involved in energy efficiency of buildings with effects on both the development of the energy renovation market and economic and employment growth in MED regions


  • developing the market by a push strategy towards demand.While implementing public action to raise demand, the platform proposes to support private economic agents to target consumers for numerous and high quality energy renovation projects.  
  • being more competitive through skills, costs optimization, work organization, marketing development
  • developing new business models able to contribute to the development of the market and to the generalization of a global approach of EE renovations necessary to reach the EU objectives (3 x 20)

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Factsheet : Local Platform

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