Build a new Energy Renovation Strategy around the Mediterranean

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MARIE Policy Portfolio



Official and visible commitments from public and private organisations are necessary to ensure security and governance for both private and public initiatives in the field of Energy Renovation in Buildings. During MARIE cycle, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Montenegrin, Cypriote and Greek regional and other public organisations have reached important commitments to develop ERB Strategies, involving private organisations of their regions. In the future, through the Programme MED, other regions could also achieve commitments in this sense. The path is open.

Moreover, several international organisations dealing with Energy Renovation in Buildings, as the Intermediterranean Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, the Union for the Mediterranean, CAT MED Platform, Union of Mediterranean Architects, Federation of Regional Energy Agencies (FEDARENE) and many others have also achieved specific commitments to impulse and support ERB strategies in the MED area.

Three MED strategic projects (MARIE, ELIH MED and PROFORBIOMED), involving more than 60 MED partners, agreed and published in 2013 the Ljubljana Declaration, and, in 2014, the Policy Paper to implement the Energy Renovation of Buildings policy in MED space.

All these commitments open an intensive process to build a common MED approach for energy renovation in Mediterranean buildings. However, to achieve real and positive results, these commitments should be transformed into strategies and projects.